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First Party

May 5, 2009

By now many of you know I have been working hard at getting my “DREAM” off the ground. A combination of a retail online site, with Judaism. What could be more natural than a SEXUAL site. A lovely area to shop for something to enhance your relationship with your partner. In focusing on the orthodox community, I have met some wonderful warm couples, and have been lucky enough to be open and learn. Not only about the sexual parts of their lives, but the absolute commitment that comes with Orthodoxy. The love that emanates from the families. While some see this as cliquish, I see it as tightly knit. The era, of when it took a village to raise a child, still exists in this community.  You can lean on your neighbor. You relate to your neighbor.  I started this to embark on a second income. Not a career, not a way of life. But, as I have continued my education, not only has it become a dream to make this a CAREER, but I realize the depth and energy that really does come from FAITH. I am thrilled to be part of it. Wish it hadn’t taken me so long.