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Pride without Prejudice

June 27, 2009

Tis the season once again to let the rainbow flag fly in all its glory. Pride marches are held across the USA this week, and its a week that swells my heart.  With heads held high, arm in arm we watch people who are out en masse with the ones they love.

What thrills me about this day, (here in NY) is that we look forward to it, as I look forward to Israel Day parade, St Patricks Day and Thanksgiving. It is a day that is not only fun, exciting, but tens of thousands of people who are participating both from inside the “club” and supporters of the “club”. 

The first March was held in 1970, and allegedly will be considered a March and not a parade until there is full and equal rights for all, according to the LGBT community. Hasn’t that day come already? How is it that we have now elected a black man president, we have seen destruction of a massive proportion on our soil, we have waged war against countries that have commited genocide and lack of equal rights towards their citizens, yet full rights to love is still eluded here in the very country that was built upon EQUAL RIGHTS?

Have we still not learned from earlier mistakes. We are ashamed of our slavery history, our imprisoning of Japanese Americans are never spoken of, and here we are, still withholding basic human rights to our citizens to marry and live a loving life with the partner of their choice.

It is a no brainer. If I can marry, then so should my neighbor. The constituion has no words that carry a message of same sex marriage. Those who oppose this celebration of life and love due to an arbitrary portion of a bible written by story tellers, are inflicting their self imposed rules upon those of others.  This is the fortieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which started the Gay rights movement in NYC.  Let this be the last year that this will be known as a March, and starting in 2010 let it be called a PARADE.  Come out, straight or gay, show your support and call upon your representatives that the time has come for true EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.  The only people who should be in a closet, are those that have an issue with same sex marriages.

Let the rainbow flags fly with pride and right next to the flag of the USA. For this is who we really should strive to be. Land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE.

This blog was originally posted on June 27th, but I thought it was worth repeating with election day drawing so near (once again…) VOTE YES ON SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Although wording is somewhat confusing…(on purpose???) Just keep in mind, whichever State you are in, FIGHT FOR THOSE who only wish to love whom they love. If it is on your ballot in your state, its your TURN to take a stand. Your voice is heard by a simple click on a lever. If it isn’t on your ballot, write to your legistlaturs, congressmen, and Senators. TODAY. Time is UP.  Make the next MARCH a PARADE!!!! As it deserves to be.


Lila Tov with Lila Toy

June 18, 2009

I know, it might be a little corny…but when trying to come up with my business’s name, it had to be hebrew, and it had to be cute. Those were my pre-requisites.  I had a lot of well meaning friends helping me, but the truth is, when you get it, you know it. After three weeks of batting around all kinds of possibly cleverer, more sophisticated, or just more fun names, Lila Toy was the one that stuck in “gut”.  While talking to my partner who lives in Israel, I went to say good night to her, in hebrew it is Lila Tov, and kidding around I said Lila Toy. What do you know, a NAME is born.

While laughing about this, I realized, isn’t that how we basically do everything that is important to us. How many months do we think of babies name, or what car we will buy, the home we will own? When you see it, hear it, taste it…you just KNOW.  It was most important to me to be PRO ZIONIST, pro Israeli, and totally and completely open and honest regarding sexuality amongst Orthodox women.  It has taken some time to build this relationship.  Countless emails to Rabbis, (some answered, most did not….) Sex Therapist that are themselves Orthodox, and honest talks with the women themselves.  The more I spoke to my clients of choice, assuming I would be teaching them more about my products, the safety factor, the pleasure factor…the more I learned.

What started out as a smart business niche, has changed my entire world.  Religion always was important to me. I grew up in a secular home where being Jewish was just what we were. It didn’t have a PLACE of its own…I was the only one who took it to heart. I placed an incredible amount of self in it.  I am fairly convinced that I came into this world as a card carrying zionist waving the Israeli flag.  What ended up happening while building these relationships is I have taken Religion to a whole new level within myself.  The teacher was TAUGHT. Now, not only do I have my client base that is growing daily, new friends who are wonderful, but I now have a deeper level of meaning and peace inside myself. How blessed I have been.

Meanwhile, back to what this short blog was about. A name is a name is a name. But for every soul out there, remember, much time and heart went into that name.  Respect the name, and the person. Within that respect you will have it come back ten fold.

There you have it. Why my business is called Night Toy, just with a hebrew slant.

Enjoy, be happy and Lila TOY to you all.

In a Sea of Get Rich Quick Tweets…

June 11, 2009

Minute after minute there appears another url promising riches, thousands of followers, and yet another way to beat the system  Please don’t misunderstand, I am addicted to twitter just as much as the next tweeter…that being said, even though its 2009, there are still ways of making an honest, fun and profitable living without pushing a million new ways of getting ten thousand followers.  To me the most interesting tweets are those that actually teach me something, invite a discussion or debate. Those who aggitate me with ideals that are so far from my own are my reason for “tweeting”. Debating the cause of what I call “Displaced Jordanians” with those who are ANTI Israel, is what truly makes me keep going back. Who else am I going to debate this with on a minute to minute basis. People who are in what I call my physical reality, are sick to death of hearing about it. These faceless adversaries online give me the perfect platform for discussion. Combine that with the challenge of doing this all in 140 characters or less…well, the dynamics are just to irresistable. Do I advertise my own brick and mortar business on twitter? You bet I do! I have a fantastic business for those who actually want to work, and have control over their lives, their businesses and the growth of said business. Not hoping that a thousand people will click on their link.  At this very moment I am watching Internet Millions infomercial on TV. $20,000.00 a week? Snake Oil anyone??  What I do, what I sell, what I try to teach people is that my business, although you will make a supplement income, and if given the hours, a full time income…$20K a week is not going to happen. $800.00 a week, is more like it, doing it part time. Which, for me…is great. If I want to give more time, I make more.  I am admitting here, you will NOT be living on a 80 foot yacht in the caribbean within 6 months. Although, you will be paying off your credit cards, your mortgage, and finally start that savings account you have been dreaming of. So, whats the business? It is a quality adult based party business. Its a fun, laughter filled and educational business. Being built with a company who is growing daily, upgrading their business model every month. My company is called Lilatoy. and I am a consultant of Brown Bag Party.  In this time of an email a second promising untold riches, tweets on your computer with “make money doing nothing”, texts to your cell phone assuring you financial freedom within 48 hours, to the infomercials I mentioned of tens of thousands a WEEK…..there is no wonder we are living in a society of pipe dreams, and credit card debt that will never see the light of day.  If you prefer to dream away, I wish you happy dreams. If you prefer to work your way to those dreams…then I wish you prosperity and the invitation to come check out a REAL WAY to make a living.  Together we can build a team that will exceed your REALISTIC dreams.  Here are the TRUTHS: You will have to work. The work is parties. You will make 50% profits. You will NOT HAVE any out of pocket expenses to reward your hostess. (an industry FIRST), you will make the profit immediately upon completion of party. Have a $600.00 party, get paid in cash or checks, and you walk out two hours later with $300.00 in your pocket.  Honestly, its up to you. Tweet away, and compete with the million other tweeters out there, or start a business that will start paying you the minute YOU ACTUALLY START to work. Its easy, but it the old fashioned way. Build a business the way your parents, your grandparents and others before you did. By all means, use the social networks to advertise, just don’t believe that the social networks will be your path to the life you dream of. That is something you yourself will have to make happen. When you are ready, I am here to hold your hand, and guide you to making your dreams a reality.  Yes, I know by writing the truth, I am going to lose those who want to bypass the hard work of building a viable profitable business. Thats alright. They are not the ones I want on my team anyway. So, look for me on twitter, I will be the one championing my beliefs, challenging those who are against same sex marriage, fighting tooth and nail for Israel to defend itself and occasionally advertising my business. I won’t be the one promising you pots of gold that are empty when you find them. Trust me, this isn’t your mothers tupperware party!!

If nothing else, go to my website, click on the about me, and lets get to know each other.

Wishing you peace and profits in 2009. Lets grow together.