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Just the thought of Obama approving shooting DOWN ISRAELI PLANE!!

September 20, 2009

Did this make national Headlines? NO. Did it make it to the ever ready CNN? NO. Is it even true? I don’t know. All I do know, is that the thought of this, even if it is a horrible rumor is enough to shake me to my core. For those of you who may have missed this deplorable article, please refer to ….well, what do you know? As I left here to get you the address to read the article which was originally in The Daily Beast, is now on ABC News website. Added 34 minutes ago. Direct quote, “The national security adviser for former President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, gave an interview to The Daily Beast in which he suggested President Obama should make it clear to Israel that if they attempt to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons sites the U.S. Air Force will stop them.”

The security advisor to the former President Jimmy (I am now certifiable) Carter is hoping to  advise Obama? How convenient. Carter in my opinion has completely lost his mind, should be put away somewhere (for OUR safety), my choice would be Syria…but thats just a personal opinion, this person is now making suggestions to the most PRO Muslim president the USA has ever had to shoot down Israeli Jets…to protect Iran? The very country who has over and over again pledged the annihilation of Israel, and burns the USA flag at any chance of a camera on them? When did we decide to PROTECT Iran, and actually THREATEN our closest ally in the world? I am pleading with whomever reads this blog, to pick up your pens, your phones, get on your keyboards…write the WHITEHOUSE. If he (President Obama) is perhaps not in a tv studio, he will get these letters of disgust.  Enough is enough. Let him go on TV, his favorite place to be anyway, and say LOUD AND CLEAR that this will NEVER be a cause for concern. That he would NEVER even contemplate such a heinous action.  On this holiday of Rosh Hashana, this is not the news we need to hear. Jimmy Carter, and Zbig Brzezinski need to go find a body of water, and throw their crumbs in NOW.