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Buck together………….

August 18, 2011

MY Allyson: a young woman who just graduated from C.W Post Long Island NY with her Masters in speech Pathology, she was on the cusp of starting her new job, when stricken with life changing news………….. I KNOW EVERYONE HAS HEART BREAK, I am asking for a moment of your time, a bit of humanity, and (most importantly, your true friends to help us) Dear friends, and friends of friends, (PLEASE AT LEAST READ IT, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart) My CLOSEST friend in the world is Fighting for her daughters life. Her daughter is 25 years old with Small Cell Cervical Cancer. I am asking that each person who receives this email, send a DOLLAR to Band Together for Ally PO BOX 647 Rock Hill NY 12775 , and forward this to at least 25 people who you believe will have both the heart and inclination to send a dollar and forward it on. If we, as Americans can send HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars all around the world, surely we can band together and send singles to this family. My GOAL is One hundred thousand dollars, so that my SISTER OF THE HEART who is an elementary school teacher will NOT have to go back to work when school reopens,(she has USED ALL HER SICK DAYS LAST YEAR) and the family can NOT afford to pay for her insurance and stay home and care for her little girl. (She will ALWAYS be her little girl!!) I am basically asking you to have one less coffee out this week, and HELP ME HELP ALLY. I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS. I pray none of you will ever need the assistance, but if you do, my wish is someone will be there for YOU! Most grateful if you will forward this onward, and get it VIRAL. If you do the math, it won’t take much to reach a figure that this family can stay together and HEAL their daughter. $1.00 TO: Band Together For Ally PO BOX 647 Rock Hill NY 12775  IF You want to know more about Allyson, her family and her illness….. I ONLY ASK you DO NOT MENTION THIS EMAIL….they are full of PRIDE, and I am hoping to hand them a check to alleviate all financial concerns for at least the next 12 months…as a surprise.  We will leave no stone un-turned to HEAL her. We just need HELP , YOUR HELP. Please. One dollar and FORWARDING THIS EMAIL. One less joke to forward, and instead a huge help to an incredibly deserving family.