this is a photo of my beautiful girl, taken last year. Pre Diagnosis…..

Dear Friends and Family:In September of 2010, my dearest friend (sister of
my heart) Barbara got the news that no parent

wants to hear: Her 25 year old daughter Allyson was diagnosed with a rare

but there type of cancer:Small Cell Cervical Cancer.


Allyson is an amazing young woman. She is intelligent, talented,
accomplished, funny,

compassionate and beautiful. She loves the Knicks, Rascal Flatts, her

parents, her sister, her chocolate lab, KONA and her boyfriend Todd, (NOT

necessarily in that order!) She did her undergrad work at St. Johns

University and loved living in the New York City area and enjoying all

that that life had to offer.

When the first diagnosis was given, Allyson had just received her Master’s

degree in Speech Pathology CW Post College in

Brookville, NY. She had easily gotten and accepted a position in her

chosen field and literally the week she was supposed to start her new

life, she was diagnosed.

For many of us, this is an all too familiar story. What is uncommon, is

the amazing grace, charm, humor and high emotional clarity that Allyson

has shown through this whole ordeal. She is positive, She is forward

thinking and she is SURE she will win this battle, as are we.

She is the epitome of a cancer warrior…..


Why am I at your doorstep??? Her mother (an early ed teacher) will soon run
out of sick days at her district, the district has gone above and beyond in
generosity, but, they too have budgets to adhere to.  She used her family sick leave last school year, and Allyson
needs one on one care at this point. Her mom has no choice but to stay by her
daughters side.

As you may imagine, the out of pocket expenses are enormous, and the income
is about to end.


Read this link to learn about this amazing young woman, and her family.


What I am asking of you is the following :


Put a dollar in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it to:

Band Together For Ally

PO Box 647

Rock Hill NY 12775



Pass it
on. Our goal is for this email to reach 100,000 people or more.

You do the math. All we need is that dollar from you and a dream to help

Let US together be her team of angels!!

help too



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