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Where a Dollar could help SAVE a LIFE……..

June 18, 2011
Dear Friends and Family:In September of 2010, my dearest friend (sister of my heart) Barbara got the news that no parent
wants to hear: Her 25 year old daughter Allyson was diagnosed with a rare
but there type of cancer:Small Cell Cervical Cancer. family is very close and soon everyone was on board to help Allyson
get through her first rounds of chemo and radiation at Sloan Kettering.
After a grueling few months, the petscan showed a low level of metastatic
reaction, meaning that there were now spots on Allyson’s liver.

Allyson is an amazing young woman. She has what I like to refer to as all
oars in the water: She is intelligent, talented, accomplished, funny,
compassionate and beautiful. She loves the Knicks, Rascal Flatts, her
parents, her sister, her chocolate lab, KONA and her boyfriend Todd, (NOT
necessarily in that order!) She did her undergrad work at St. Johns
University and loved living in the New York City area and enjoying all
that that life had to offer.

When the first diagnosis was given, Allyson had just received her Master’s
degree in Speech Pathology from my old alma mater, CW Post College in
Brookville, NY. She had easily gotten and accepted a position in her
chosen field and literally the week she was supposed to start her new
life, she was diagnosed.

For many of us, this is an all too familiar story. What is uncommon, is
the amazing grace, charm, humor and high emotional clarity that Allyson
has shown through this whole ordeal. She is positive, She is forward
thinking and she is SURE she will win this battle, as are we.

We have dubbed her our cancer warrior!!

Her second round of treatments are being given in New York City. She has
found an amazing doctor who is treating her both with traditional anti –
cancer drugs and an holistic approach which includes a large daily and
very expensive supplement/vitamin regimen.

At this point, her metastases are static, meaning they
have not grown and we continue to fill our hearts and minds with HOPE.

Why I am at your doorstep: Her supplements cost about three thousand
dollars a month, which insurance doesn’t cover. She has a family who has
and will continue to go to the ENDS of the EARTH to find a cure for her.
As you may imagine, the out of pocket expenses are enormous and the family
has received help from their generous communities in both Long Island and
in Sullivan County, NY, but the money is going out faster than it is
coming in.
Read this link to learn about the amazing fundraising that has helped Ally
to this point:

What I am asking of you is the following :

Put a dollar in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it to:
Band Together For Ally
PO Box 647
Rock Hill NY 12775


Pass it on. Our goal is for this email to reach 100,000 people or more.
You do the math. All we need is that dollar from you and a dream to help
Ally. Prayers will help too.


When will YOUR ship come in?

October 18, 2009
Come work for me, have a blast, get great pay, work as little or as much as you want. Most people will pay in cash or checks, so you will actually be paid DAY OF PARTY. You will be paying me my commission, not the other way around. Whats to lose? Items have a 100% markup, you will make 70% of profit, I will make 30%. Example. You sell a vibrator for $70.00, profit is $35.00. Your commission will be $24.50. That is ONE VIBRATOR…..a $500.00 party is very easy, and not unusual. your income from that one party will be $175.00!!! Not bad pay for one party. IF there are credit card payments, then I will pay the fees associated. You will have NO OVERHEAD unless you wish to have stock (which is a good idea, which I will sell to you at COST) otherwise you can do catalog parties.
Of course if you wish to become a rep on your own, that is a very feasible with the kits being slashed in price right now.
So many options….we can build a team coast to coast and take this to a whole new level.
contact me direct @ or phone me at 914-799-1969
Lets get your future and finances moving FORWARD!!!!
Bringing Joy back into your bedroom and bank account-

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Lila Tov with Lila Toy

June 18, 2009

I know, it might be a little corny…but when trying to come up with my business’s name, it had to be hebrew, and it had to be cute. Those were my pre-requisites.  I had a lot of well meaning friends helping me, but the truth is, when you get it, you know it. After three weeks of batting around all kinds of possibly cleverer, more sophisticated, or just more fun names, Lila Toy was the one that stuck in “gut”.  While talking to my partner who lives in Israel, I went to say good night to her, in hebrew it is Lila Tov, and kidding around I said Lila Toy. What do you know, a NAME is born.

While laughing about this, I realized, isn’t that how we basically do everything that is important to us. How many months do we think of babies name, or what car we will buy, the home we will own? When you see it, hear it, taste it…you just KNOW.  It was most important to me to be PRO ZIONIST, pro Israeli, and totally and completely open and honest regarding sexuality amongst Orthodox women.  It has taken some time to build this relationship.  Countless emails to Rabbis, (some answered, most did not….) Sex Therapist that are themselves Orthodox, and honest talks with the women themselves.  The more I spoke to my clients of choice, assuming I would be teaching them more about my products, the safety factor, the pleasure factor…the more I learned.

What started out as a smart business niche, has changed my entire world.  Religion always was important to me. I grew up in a secular home where being Jewish was just what we were. It didn’t have a PLACE of its own…I was the only one who took it to heart. I placed an incredible amount of self in it.  I am fairly convinced that I came into this world as a card carrying zionist waving the Israeli flag.  What ended up happening while building these relationships is I have taken Religion to a whole new level within myself.  The teacher was TAUGHT. Now, not only do I have my client base that is growing daily, new friends who are wonderful, but I now have a deeper level of meaning and peace inside myself. How blessed I have been.

Meanwhile, back to what this short blog was about. A name is a name is a name. But for every soul out there, remember, much time and heart went into that name.  Respect the name, and the person. Within that respect you will have it come back ten fold.

There you have it. Why my business is called Night Toy, just with a hebrew slant.

Enjoy, be happy and Lila TOY to you all.